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Spanish Extra Credit in the Real World, guest post

Guest Blogger: Srta Elizabeth I wonder if there’s a way to adapt this new Pokemon Go game for the classroom? It’d be a great way to practice directional vocabulary. While playing Jenga with family, It’d be cool if I wrote questions in Spanish on the blocks and students answer them as they pull them out. […]

Spanish Learning in the Summer!

Guest blog post by Angelica from Monarca Language. The most asked question by parents at the end of the school year is: How can I maintain my child’s Spanish skills during the summer? There are plenty of new opportunities to introduce, engage and practice Español during the summer months. Here are three easy and straightforward […]

10 Time Management Tips for Teachers

Ten Time Management Tips for Teachers Guest blog post by Holly of Spanish Sundries Learn Ten Time Management Tips for Teachers- I never realized how much time I spent on my teaching job until I didn’t have the time to spend anymore.  In December of 2012 my son was born and after a short maternity leave, […]