I admit it. The “Stress Free Spanish Teacher” is a totally stressed out person. The roots of naming my blog “The Stress Free Spanish Teacher” came from wanting to NOT be a “stressy” person (as my husband likes to refer to me). And I’m learning, and implementing Stress Less techniques into my daily life to help me learn to manage the stresses life throws at me.

Along my journey to becoming a less stressed person, I’m hoping to share some of what I learn with you, my readers & email subscribers.

One thing I’ve learned in the past year is that it’s ok to say “goodbye” to things that don’t bring me joy

or that feel unnecessarily stressful.

After reflection, I’ve decided that I am going to “Marie Kondo” the Free Resource Library hosted here on my blog.

The Free Resource Library is phasing away…
But most of the free teaching resources will still be available! Read more below…

After taking stock of my time and commitments, I’ve realized that keeping up with the Free Resource Library has just not been something I have had time to maintain, and I think it’s time to let it go.

What does that mean? What changes?

Not much! If you are already an email subscriber, you can continue to access the Free Resource Library for the next month or two (I plan to have it completely phased out by the end of July, 2019).

“Aw man, I already signed up for your email list but I ONLY signed up for the Free Resources! I don’t want to receive other emails!”

If you’ve already signed up and no longer want to be on my email list, no hard feelings! I get it! Please email me directly and I will remove you from my email list. Use the contact form (“Contact Us” tab at the top of the page) and just send me a message and I will personally remove you from my list.

“I don’t want to be an email subscriber. But I do want to know what the free resources are…”

Patience. If you’re not an email subscriber– I will be moving most of the current free resources over to my TpT shop this summer! (Again, I plan to have the majority of the free teaching resources moved over by the end of July, 2019. A few, select resources will not be moved, and will not be housed here on the blog or anywhere else- they will remain exclusive “thank you” gifts for those who had already signed up and have already downloaded them.).

So again, what changes? Not much!

I will still continue to:

  • Create awesome free and paid resources.
  • Host them right in my TpT shop!
  • Post the occasional blog post here.
  • Email my subscribers occasionally.

I strive to make your lives easier by offering useful teaching tips and lessons provided in my TeachersPayTeachers store and I realize it’s not necessary to house any of them here on my blog for now.


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