Spanish Class Dream House Project

Spanish class dream house project is the perfect way for your Spanish students to show off their new vocabulary for the homes & housing unit

Students can really have FUN and get CREATIVE with this project!

I have always loved this project as a supplement for the Homes / Housing Unit! My students have always gotten a kick out of dreaming up an original house to show off to the class, all while using their newly acquired Spanish vocabulary! I hope your students have as much fun with this project as mine have had!

Set your students up for success!

  • Show your students examples of floor plans for a variety of housing types from all over the world, and the imaginary world too! 

  • A couple of websites I LOVE are IDEALISTA and FOTOCASA for houses here in Spain.

2.  Decide how much of a floor plan you would like your students to create and submit to you. Do you want them to just submit a kitchen plan because you’re working on kitchen vocabulary? Or a whole home plan, including the garage and gardens or surrounding area? 

  •  There are house floor planners available online & via apps for students who would like to plan their homes digitally (rather than drawing them out on paper by hand). IKEA has floor planners, and another one I found is called FLOOR PLAN CREATOR and is available online or via app. 
3. Be specific and show examples. 
  • An example is included in my Spanish Class Dream House Project instructions. You can also find interesting floor plans on Pinterest.
4. Let your students be CREATIVE! 

Maybe your kiddos are totally into Minecraft (right??). Let your Minecraft obsessed students create their floor plans in Minecraft! They may not be able to label everything in Spanish within the game, but they can do a walk through of the house and say each of the objects out loud as a presentation for the class.

If you have a mermaid lover in your class, perhaps they want to design an underwater house! Or… a fairy realm, a house made of clouds, a spaceship, etc! Let your students create what they like & you will be amazed a their creativity!

But remember – You don’t have to recreate the wheel! 


My Spanish Class Dream House Project has everything you need to run this project smoothly in your upper elementary, middle school, and high school Spanish classes! 

Even more resources for the SPANISH HOMES & HOUSING UNIT!

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