Spanish This or That Question Activities

Have you tried Spanish class THIS or THAT questions yet? They’re a fun way for your Spanish learners to express their opinions about a variety of topics!

´This or that´ questions are popular on social media (especially in Instagram stories!) & your students will love expressing their likes and dislikes with the variety of ways you can implement them into your classes!

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You can use This or That questions with just about any vocabulary from your Spanish units! All you need to do is compare 2 things! This is also a great opportunity to practice the verbs GUSTAR, ENCANTAR, or PREFERIR.

If you’re teaching the Spanish FOODS UNIT, create a list of food vocabulary to compare. For example:

  • apples / oranges (las manzanas / las naranjas)
  • pancakes / waffles (los panqueques / los gofres)
  • salad / steak (la ensalada / el bistec)

Then simply ask your students which they prefer! 

Example: ¿Cuál te gusta más, la ensalada o el bistec?

Students choose which they like best of the 2 options given. Students can indicate their preference with a thumbs up, by saying the food word aloud that they like better, or with a complete sentence.

There are fun variations to this activity too!


Create a ‘find someone who’ worksheet (aka ‘firma, por favor,’ or ‘whole class questionnaire’) and print a copy for each student. Students move around the classroom asking a variety of classmates the questions. As students get verbal responses from their classmates, the classmates sign each other’s boards. Encourage students to speak entirely in Spanish throughout the activity.

➡️ I have ready made Spanish ‘this or that’ questions here! 


The Spanish ‘this or that’ questions can be presented as task cards too! In pairs, students can flip through the task cards together and both ask and answer the questions.


‘4 Corners’ is a fun way for students to get up and out of their seats and move around the classroom and this activity can be adapted to ‘2 Sides’ based on the Spanish ‘This or That’ questions.

🟢 With ‘4 CORNERS,‘ the teacher places posters in the four corners of the classroom representing various levels of likes/dislikes. For example, posters that say ‘me gusta,’ ‘no me gusta,’ ‘me encanta’, and ‘no puedo decidir.’

The teacher calls out a vocabulary word and students move to the corner of the classroom that best aligns with their preference. 

Using your  Spanish FOODS UNIT as an example again, the teacher can call out ‘¡Los gofres!’ and students decide which corner of the classroom to go stand in to match how much they like/dislike waffles! 

🟢 The ‘2 SIDES’ adaptation would look like this:

The teacher can stand at the front of the classroom and point to one side of the class and say one option, for example, ‘los espaguetis,’ and then point to the other side of the class and say another option, for example ‘la tarta de chocolate.’ Students will move to the side of the classroom of the food they prefer to show their preference.

But remember – You don’t have to recreate the wheel!😉 I have a bunch of ready-made questions for you in my TpT shop, like this set: 


This can be done as a whole class or partner pairs activity.

Students can stay in their regular seating or you can ask students to pair up. The teacher can either present one option at a time or two options to choose from. This is a great Spanish listening skills practice!

For these examples, we’ll use Spanish movie genre vocabulary.

Presenting 1 movie genre option to students:

The teacher chooses 1 movie genre and tells students to stand up (or sit down) if they like (or dislike) the movie genre. This is where listening skills are super important! The teacher can mix things up and ask about each movie genre in a variety of ways!


¨Levántate si te gustan las películas de horror.¨

¨Levántate si no te gustan las películas de horror.¨

¨Siéntate si te gustan las películas de horror.¨

¨Siéntate si no te gustan las películas de horror.¨

This is a great activity for circling vocabulary!

Presenting 2 movie genre options to students:

This works the same as the above option, but the teacher gives a ‘this or that’ type scenario.


‘Levántate si te gustan las películas de horror más que las películas de comedia.´


Works great with partner pairs!

This is a great opportunity for students to use adjectives and descriptive words they’ve already learned in class! The teacher leads the students in brainstorming a list of adjectives on the board that might be used to describe movies.

The teacher can model the language giving their opinion about a specific movie or using one of the CONVERSATION TASK CARDS. Remind students that they don’t only have to use adjectives to explain their movie genre choices.


¨Me gustan los documentales porque son interesantes y me gusta aprender. Siempre miro documentales sobre los animales del océano porque me fascina el océano.¨

Then, working in partner pairs (or small groups!) with the Spanish Conversation Task Cards each student answers the question on the card and uses it as a jumping off point to explain their choices! 

My Spanish Class THIS OR THAT Questions are ready for you to download and use TODAY in your classes! No prep, no fuss! 😉

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