Back to School Spanish Teacher CHECKLIST! Are you ready??

Hello fellow foreign language teachers!  Are you ready to head back to school??  Or have you already begun?  We don’t start until September 2nd in Minnesota.

Do you have a checklist of things that need to be done before the 1st day?  I am a woman of many checklists.  They help keep me organized and focused.

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The Best Way to Earn CEUs! Traveling in Spain!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll have seen a few photos from my summer vacation!
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My husband planned an amazing trip through France (to Chartres and through Normandy) and then through Spain (we made a big circle through cities in Southern Spain).  It was an amazing trip because my parents were able to join us!  It was their first time in France & Spain!  Such a great opportunity to show them places I love to visit!

As a Spanish teacher, being able to travel through Spain and use the language and learn more about the culture is an invaluable experience that enhances our teaching.  Wouldn’t you agree?

La Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain

Did you know you might be able to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units) towards relicensure through travel experiences??

(Check with your state.  The Minnesota Department of Education allows units to be claimed for related travel.)

I only wish we could earn the actual number of hours we spend in a foreign country towards relicensure…  (Insert sad face emoji… lol.)  I believe I can claim between 10-20 hours total per license period.  Considering I spent at least 20 hours just touring Spanish cathedrals this summer… And at least another 20 inside museums learning about the art history of Spain… But…

There really isn’t a more enjoyable way to earn CEUs!
  Ronda, Spain

 Toledo, Spain
Merida, Spain