Spanish Class, Engaged Communication, Café y Conversación

Cafe y Conversacion

A whole class communicative activity for your World Language Classes

A guest blog post from teacher Kim Huegerich.  When I read about Kim’s Café y Conversación idea in a FB group, I knew I needed to reach out and ask her to share this idea with my readers!

Read about Kim’s awesome whole class communicative activity and learn how you can implement it in your world language classroom!

Thank you, Kim for being willing to write a guest blog post and share your fantastic teaching ideas with us!

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The First Week of Spanish Class, Part 1

The First Week of Spanish Class!

Spanish Class Week 1 Danielson Framework

This is Part 1 in a 5 part series of blog posts discussing ideas of how to set up your Spanish classes for the first week of class in ways that will can help create an environment conducive to language acquisition.  I hope you find some of the information useful!  I would also love to hear your suggestions because the more we share the better teachers we become!  Please consider leaving a comment with your suggestions at the end of this post!

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