Spanish class: REVIEW Games for Verb Conjugation!

Picture this:

Your ENTIRE Spanish class ALL participating in a REVIEW of SPANISH VERB CONJGUATIONS and every single one of those kiddos having FUN!

Yup, totally possible!  Octopus On Guard is a super fun game that your students will actually ASK to play!

One of the BEST things about this game: NO prep! Just print and go!

The premise of the game is that the Octopus is guarding her treasure and students must “pop the bubbles” in the way!

–Students pair up and are armed with a marker (or highlighter or colored pencil, etc!).

–The teacher calls out conjugated verbs in English and the students race each other to find the correct conjugations in Spanish.

–When a student finds the correct conjugation, they “pop the bubble” by coloring it in.
(The student who found the correct bubble can then tell their partner where to find it so the partner can color it in too.)

–Whoever finds the correct conjugation first, earns a point.
(My students just keep a tally on the side of their papers.)

–The student with the most points at the end wins!
(What do they win??  Bragging rights, usually!  lol)

Another way to play this as a whole class is to use it as a “matamoscas” or “flyswatter” game!

The “little” Octopus on Guard! packet contains 1 game each for AR / ER / IR verbs in the PRESENT TENSE!  <– a great way to try out the games with your students

But you can also find Octopus on Guard with game boards for:

Spanish Present Tense, Imperfect, Preterit, Conditional and Future TENSES:

Spanish -AR verbs Octopus On Guard!
Spanish -ER verbs Octopus On Guard!
Spanish -IR verbs Octopus On Guard!

And I recently added a bunch of Octopus On Guard games that have pictures instead of words to review vocabulary, AND… (drumroll please) There is now an EDITABLE Octopus On Guard set so you can create games to match YOUR curriculum! Hurrah!

Verb Conjugation Games for Spanish Classes

“Octopus on Guard” is a great review game and motivator. This game can go quickly! It’s a great warm up activity or closer at the end of a lesson.

You can laminate these and use them over and over again throughout the year!

If you’d like it to last a little longer, consider photocopying double-sided and play “rounds.”

I hope you LOVE these games as much as my kiddos!