Spanish Class: Adding Pronunciation / Speaking Activities without interrupting your schedule.

I have seen a few teachers post that their New Year’s (Teaching) Resolutions include creating more opportunities to grade Pronunciation activities in their classrooms.

Creating Pronunciation grades can be tricky.  How often should one grade Pronunciation?  Obviously, we assess pronunciation all day, every day in our classes.  We model pronunciation and listen for mistakes and help our students modify as necessary.

But our students need to understand the importance of correct pronunciation.  After all, “Yo tengo hambre” is NOT the same thing as saying “Yo tengo hombre…”  😉

And if your students have seen Will Ferrell’s cute Tweet floating around on Facebook, they may have finally learned that accents DO matter and there is a rather important difference between años and anos….and papá and papa…

The problem I ran into in the past with Pronunciation grades was that it always took a 1/2 class period to a whole period to get through all students.  And what do the other students do while each student comes up to my desk to recite their Pronunciation assignment??

Well, I think I’ve solved the problem.  🙂

Communication in the target language is always the goal for a foreign language student. Sometimes our students need a bit of motivation to speak in the target language and help feeling comfortable speaking in front of others.

This packet was created to help provide a tool to guide your students in pronunciation activities every week throughout the school year. You will be able to assess your students’ pronunciation on a WEEKLY basis and MONITOR their progress throughout the school year! out on doing Pronunciation activities during the first semester?  No problem.  Read through the activities, decide where your Spanish 1 students are and just start there.

TRACKING SHEET, RUBRIC and ORAL PROGRESS REPORTS are included to help you stay organized and help to provide your students visual guidelines and feedback.

48 WEEKS of a weekly pronunciation assignment have been provided as well as blank frames so you can add anything you like.
 The BEST ADVICE I have heard for using my packet is a genius idea from another teacher–
She assigns one Pronunciation activity a week and has her students call her work phone and leave voicemail messages reciting their assignment!  That way she doesn’t have to take away from classroom teaching!  Genius!  I think this is amazing advice.  If you choose to do your Pronunciation assignments this way, you can do the grading in a more relaxed manner and at your leisure.
What are YOUR ideas and advice for Pronunciation grading in your Foreign Language class?  Please leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!