Spanish Speaking Countries of the World LESSONS made easy! Maps, lists, printables, quizzes, puzzles, RESOURCES!

When do YOU teach theSpanish-speaking countries of the world (and capitals, of course!)?

I have ALWAYS taught Spanish Countries and Caps at the beginning of the school year.  I think it’s good for our students to have a basic knowledge of where the Spanish-speaking countries ARE as they begin their Spanish study.  Logical enough.

Ever have one of those, “duh” moments?  Yeah, me too.  It didn’t occur to me until recently that I could be teaching this at ANY time of year.  DUH.  Of course I can!  I can teach this WHENEVER I want and however I want. Just because I’ve “always done it that way,” doesn’t mean I need to continue doing it that way. Maybe there’s a better way?

I’ve been considering teaching the Countries and Caps at the BEGINNING of the school year AND then revisiting it again SEVERAL TIMES throughout the year!


Because I’ve noticed something.
My students are studying the night before for the quiz and then once they’ve taken the quiz …. they promptly FORGET everything they just learned.  Hmmm…    And why?  Because they aren’t required to know this information the next day.

Isn’t the point that I want them to actually KNOW and REMEMBER the Spanish-Speaking countries and capitals? Not just memorize them for a quiz??

Not only is it important for students to be able to locate these countries on a map, but I want them to make a connection with these countries beyond the map. That’s why I will continue teaching them throughout the year with cultural CI reading lessons like “Viaje Veloz,” and will revisit the maps too.

I put together this big packet of printables and resources: Spanish-Speaking Countries of the World.  It’s got me covered for the entire school year!

I’ve broken the packet up into sections to keep myself organized:

Section A has a bunch of resources for learning and practicing the Spanish Countries and Caps:

– Tips, Hints & Strategies for teaching the Spanish-Speaking Countries
– Fact Scavenger Hunt
– Blank Maps of the Spanish-Speaking Countries
– Spanish-Speaking Countries Word Search
– Spanish-Speaking Capitals Word Search
– Countries and Capitals Scramble
– Matching Squares Puzzle
– Current Event Articles

I will be using these not only as Spanish class HOMEWORK assignments, but also as FAST FINISHER activities, partner pair work and emergency substitute plans. 2 and 3 focus on ASSESSMENT:
– 4 versions of the Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz
– 2 Versions of the Spanish-Speaking Capitals Quiz
– Teacher Keys to help my students RETAIN this fundamental information, I will be QUIZZING them AGAIN throughout the school year!  I’m thinking once every quarter is just about perfect.  My hope is that when they are aware that they are expected to retain this information, they will be more likely to do it!

Please comment below and let me know WHEN you teach the Spanis-speaking Countries and Caps during the school year!  I’d love to know what everyone else does!

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  1. Catalinda
    Catalinda says:

    I talk about the countries several times throughout the year, my first quarter project is on the countries, then in that long slog through March, when we don't get a spring break, I teach the countries and capitals to take a break from grammar and vocab.

  2. Delia Henry
    Delia Henry says:

    I teach them this content at the end of the first trimester. We mention them throughout the trimester but we use it as a break between all previous content and end of term exams. Students present a group project on their choice of country, do a word search, complete map work, do a matching exercise on capitals then end with a quiz which incorporates mapwork.

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