FREE Spanish Game for Spanish students to practice LA HORA

FREE Spanish GAME for practicing TIME la hora en la clase de español

Free GAME for practicing TIME in Spanish Classes

¡Hola Profe!

Have I told you lately how HAPPY I am that we’ve found each other? 🥰 I love connecting with world language teachers around the globe.🌎
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My hope is to connect with even more new teacher friends and was wondering if you’d help me spread the word? 👯 I have a no prep, no stress FREE Spanish lesson for you for helping share about what I have to offer! Just click the image below to see how you can share!👇 

This no prep, no stress Spanish class GAME is a fun way to practice LA HORA / TIME with your Spanish students! Teacher instructions are included.🧠 It’s perfect for upper elementary, middle school, AND high school Spanish classes!

THANK YOU so much for sharing about my resources! I hope you have fun with this free Spanish resource! 💗