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Like most teachers, I love SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Some teachers cry “Nooooo!” when they see the Back To School banners popping up in stores months before school will start up again, but you’ll catch me lingering in the school supplies aisles coveting markers, post it notes, pens, notebooks, clips, glue, glitter, paint…. Ahhh! Zen! Lol

Organization is also something I love, and this year I made the decision to buy an Erin Condren Life Planner to help me keep my sanity! Learn how I did it without breaking the bank!

After purchasing my EC Life Planner, I discovered a huge EC following on the internet! You can get lost in the variety of YouTube EC “unveilings” and “Plan With Me” videos available – and learn handy tips for how to customize your planners (not JUST EC Planners, but ANY planner!).

One of the BEST TIPS I found for organizing my planner was to try out the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen!

What’s the big deal?  THIS is the big deal:

It erases SO well!

I prefer to use a pen in my planner/agenda, because I think it looks nicer.  Before the Frixion pen, I just used a regular pen.  And any time plans changed, I would have to use a sticker or white out to cover up the words so I could make the change.  Which just didn’t look nice.

The Frixion pen was a great solution to this problem!  Take a look at how well the ink erases so you can write something new!  Fantastic!

The Frixion pen comes in a variety of colors which also helps you customize your agenda / planner.

I just found out they have ERASABLE MARKERS too!  What??  That’s next on my list!

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      I was the same way! I was constantly watching videos about them on YouTube and I kept thinking “How can I afford one??” I’m so glad I waited until July, when you can buy an 18 month calendar, and so glad I used an affiliate link from a blog to get 10% off (which is the link I have in the blog post, you can save by clicking on it if you decide to purchase one in the future!), I used a coupon code to save on shipping and I asked my family for gift certificates. lol All of those things combined definitely made it more affordable! 😀


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