Surprises are coming!

Hop to Win! $100 and $20 TpT credit giveaway!

Spanish teachers on TpT have teamed up to offer you a fun & fabulous giveaway as our way of saying THANK YOU to our followers!

We have 2 thank you prizes for our followers:

  • $100 TpT gift card

  • $20 TpT gift card

TpT giveaway

TpT giveaway

What to do:

  1. Visit MY STORE to start hopping! ~ We love followers! 😉
  2. Write down the Secret Letter hidden in the banner of my store.
  3. Click on the BANNER of each store to hop to the next store! Collect the secret letters hidden in each banner!
  4. Unscramble the letters to reveal the Secret Message.
  5. Head to back to MY BLOG and enter the Secret Message into the Giveaway!


Here’s what you’re looking for in my store:

Question Marks




Enter the Secret Message into the giveaway widget below for your chance to win!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The following fun & fabulous Spanish sellers are participating in the blog hop!  You can also visit each store by clicking on the image of their store below!


  1.  La Profesora Frida
  2.  Spanish Sundries
  3.  La Profe Plotts
  4.  Spanish Plans
  5.  Miss Senorita
  6.  Sol Azucar
  7.  Sra Cruz
  8.  Island Teacher
  9.  Spanish Mama
  10.  Angie Torre
  11.  The World Language Cafe 
  12.  Spanish Nobility

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  1. Gale
    Gale says:

    Was very excited about this giveaway…but there’s a few things that would be helpful to do next time.

    First, it doesn’t seem like the list at the bottom is the same as the list on the rafflecopter…and I just assumed it was and since I had already followed everyone on the list on the bottom (cause I’m actually looking to follow more Spanish teachers on TPT…did that before I knew for sure it was an entry), I just assumed I had followed everyone and just went to the site to grab the number…but then I noticed one I hadn’t followed, and then another, and thought…shoot, I didn’t just miss this many…these are different sites. And there’s no way to get back to those first 5 or so I did that way to check if I actually followed.

    Secondly, you CAN make the links on the rafflecopter into actual links…and that would be helpful, because many times when I copy pasted it added “Powered by Rafflecopter” to my copy for some reason…not sure why it did it sometimes and not others…but regardless, this made the URL not work and caused just that much more time which, at that point I was getting a tad irritated with. So making these into actual links would solve that next time.

    Also, I added your blog to my blogroll here. Is there a list of the other Spanish TPTers blogs from this giveaway somewhere…I’d love to add their blogs too. Looking for more Spanish teaching blogs to follow. 🙂

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