Spanish Class Fast Finishers, Autumn Style!

“I’m done.  Now what??”
Don’t you wish you could just point to your pretty bulletin board when you hear this question?
Spanish teacher, Laurie in New York’s awesome layout (above) with Autumn Fast Finishers for Spanish Packet!
Below is another layout creative layout:
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It’s normal for to have a mix of when students finish their assigned work in our foreign language classes.  While we are offering help to students who are having trouble contemplating a subject, there are often those students who understand the content and finish earlier than the rest of the class.  Which is when we hear, “I’m done.  Now what??”

One useful way to keep Fast Finishers academically focused (whether they realize it or not!) is to apply a Fast Finishers program to your classes.

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I have an Autumn Fast Finishers bulletin board in my classroom  and the idea is to have a number of activities available for students to work on when they’re done with their regular work.

There are a variety of activities; writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, partner work, artistic activities, over 20 to choose from.  The students have a tracking sheet and know that they aren’t to bother you while you’re helping other students!  (There are several posters included in this packet so students know to only ask you to check their Fast Finishers work if they KNOW you’re not busy!)

Check out this interactive, creative Spanish packet at my TeachersPayTeachers store!  Let me know what you think!  I find it incredibly useful, and I hope that you can apply this teaching concept to your Spanish classes as well.

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