National Foreign Language Week: Spanish Classes

Celebrating National Foreign Language Week with your students is a great way raise awareness about the benefits of studying additional languages in school.

Ideas for National Foreign Language Week with your World Language Classes! Fun ideas to motivate your students! from La Profesora Frida


We’ve had a lot of fun this week celebrating National Foreign Language Week with all of the students in our language department!  Here is an overview of the activities we’ve implemented with our students.


March Music Madness!

Our students are having a BLAST with SpanishPlans March Music Madness (found here) song brackets.  My cooperating teacher and I have done our best to come up with a variety of activities to use these songs in class to keep our students engaged and enthusiastic!  (Blog post coming soon.)

National Foreign Language Week Poster Contest

We introduced a NFLW Poster Contest on Monday and allowed our students time in class to work on their creations.  My cooperating teacher created a rubric and we came up with the genius idea of giving iTunes gift cards as prizes to the top 5 posters (since our students are getting so into the March Music Madness!).

Students could choose any of the NFLW themes from the past 12 years to incorporate into their posters.  Posters were due on Friday, we hung them up and we will be voting on Monday using a Google Doc form.

National Foreign Language Week Poster Contest


More March Music Madness!

Our Vice Principal agreed to allow music to be played during passing time throughout the school!  My cooperating teacher loaded songs onto an old smart phone and chose a student to go to the office 1 minute before the bell and choose a song to play during passing time.  It was a hit!  Students recently learned some of the songs that were played during passing time (thank you, SpanishPlans!) and we could hear them singing along in the hallways.



More March Music Madness!

A quick look at a couple of activities we did with our songs (blog post coming soon):

Spanish Class Song Activity


Our Tech department sent push notifications about the benefits of learning additional languages to students via their school iPads.



More March Music Madness!

On Thursday my cooperating teacher and I prepped for Friday: QR code scavenger hunt!  We also allowed additional class time for finishing up posters.



More March Music Madness!

Students presented their posters to classmates & then we hung up the posters in a place where nearly all students & staff would have the chance to see them- outside the cafeteria!

NFLW QR Code Scavenger Hunt!  (Blog Post Coming Soon)

QR Code Scavenger Hunt for Spanish Students during National Foreign Language Week! from La Profesora Frida, the Stress Free Spanish Teacher


How did you celebrate National Foreign Language Week with your students?

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