Mindfulness Week 1 Check In

Hello all!

My first week of Mindfulness was…. not what I expected.

I have no doubts that Mindfulness is for me.  And no doubts that it does work and can work.  I went into this expecting it to be amazing and wonderful!  What threw me for a loop was that….  The first meditation we were supposed to do every day for 45 minutes was SO boring!  haha  NOT what I expected.

I’m not a total newbie to meditation and I already had experience.  So….

The first meditation we practice for 45 minutes each day, ahem, supposed to practice 45 minutes every day.  The first night I did it while getting ready for bed and actually fell asleep because I was bored.  The 2nd night I decided to try the 20 minute version instead, but was still bored.  The third day I thought, why don’t I just do one of my other meditations that I already KNOW I enjoy??  So I did that for the rest of the week.

And then I had to go to my 2nd Mindfulness class and fess up that this girl who was SO excited to try Mindfulness meditations couldn’t even DO them because she was bored.

My preconceived ideas of what to expect totally sabotaged my first week of Mindfulness meditating!

My (awesome) teacher asked what she could do to help me want to do the meditations every day.  And I said that a reason to do them would be nice, lol.  I mean, why do something that I find super boring if I don’t *have* to?

Her reason is a good one: Because it works.  The science proving that it works is remarkable.  It is going to work.  But it is not going to work if I don’t do it.  ‘Nuf said.
(Learn more about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts Medical School website HERE.)

Here’s to Week 2 and actually using the prescribed meditation this time!!  My plan is to use Young Living’s Stress Away oil with each meditation this week.

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