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What’s YOUR favorite place in Spain? Where would YOU like to visit next?

My fiance and I just returned from a mini-vacation in Spain!
How lucky am I?? Yes, SO lucky and counting my blessings!

Since moving to Europe this past Spring, I’ve been to Spain 4 times! Wow. Seriously, wow. I am a lucky, lucky duck. And a lucky, lucky Spanish teacher! Being immersed in the culture of the content area I teach! Fantastic!

I took a ton of pictures and am getting ready to make some new PowerPoint presentations about Spain! 🙂

We visited El Valle de Los Caidos (have you been there??),
Ronda, and

My favorite things we did:

A Tour Nocturna of Toledo!
SO interesting! We were led in a small group by a scientist who has been studying the paranormal history of Toledo!
Fun fact: Toledo is the only known city in the world that has had a LAW written about haunted houses! A law was created stating that if a hose was sold and the new occupants claimed the house was haunted the sale would be void and go back to the hands of the original owners!

Touring the Roman remains at Merida!
Diana is my favorite goddess (also known as Artemis) and there is a Temple of Diana right in the middle of the city!
Another fun fact: The Temple throughout time has also housed a synagogue and Catholic church! On our Tour Nocturna we were told that sacred spaces are often taken over by each new culture that comes in.

Fantastic food, sights and company.
I would really like to plan a labyrinth tour of northern Spain in the coming future. When I was looking for labyrinths to visit on this vacation I noticed that the most labyrinths that were listed were in the northern parts of Spain, which isn’t all that surprising– that is where the biggest pagan and Celtic populations lived over time.

What’s YOUR favorite place in Spain? Where would YOU like to visit next?

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