Giving Thanks in your Foreign Language classroom, Activities and Lessons for the month of November

Thanksgiving is an important part of our American


  culture.  Not only is it important historically, but it
provides a wonderful opportunity to teach our young ones
about the importance of being thankful for all we have.


 Thanksgiving in your Spanish Class


 Read through these suggestions for bringing


  the Gratitude expressed during this season of
 Thanksgiving into focus in your classroom.  Please click
 I hope you find some or all of  these ideas useful!


What is “Thanksgiving?”




These are a few activities to help your students discover


what Giving Thanks means.  Do some or all of the activities-


You will know what is right for your class!




1.   After discussing the history of Thanksgiving with your students,


ask them to brainstorm with a partner the different traditions associated       


with this holiday.  Ask them to name specifically what they do with

their families on this day.  Have students take turns sharing with the

class and make a list on the board for all to see.



2.  Ask your students what “Thanksgiving” means.  Guide them toward

the “Giving Thanks.”  Ask them if they know any other words that mean

the same thing as “Thanks or Thankful.”  Create a list on the board for

all to see.  Some words to guide them towards:  Gratitude, Grateful,

Appreciation, Appreciative, Recognition.



3.  Have students work in pairs to come up with ideas of HOW to express


thankfulness.  Ask students to list things that they have done to let some-


one know they are thankful.  Have groups take turns sharing with the


class and make a list on the board.




4.  Provide students with paper and give them a set amount of time to write


a story about something they are grateful for.  At the end of the time


limit, do a pair share.  Provide construction paper and have students


attach their story to a fall-colored background paper.  Make a display


for your hallway or classroom to remind everyone that there is something to be
thankful for.




5.  Ask students to brainstorm different ways of thanking people.  Write all


of the ideas on the board.  Then ask each student to think of someone that


they would like to say “thank you” to.  Common ways to say thank you


of course are cards.  Have supplies ready and lead your students in a


“thank you” making activity.




Classroom Thanksgiving Tree
-colored paper
-markers, crayons or paints
This activity can be done with some or all
of the suggestions listed below.  You will
know what is right for your class!
    Using construction paper, cut a huge tree for your classroom, or to
  place just outside your classroom.  (If you have older students or you’re
  lucky enough to have a student TA, this is a great job for them!)  Hang
  up the tree wherever is best for you.
   Have plenty of fall-colored construction paper on hand.  Ask students
   to cut out a leaf and write a word (or short sentence) about something
   or someone they are thankful for in the middle of the leaf.  (If you teach
   a foreign language, this is a great opportunity to use known vocabulary
   or look up new words in the target language!)
   Allow students to tape their leaf onto the tree.  This is a wonderful
   way to keep thankfulness and gratefulness at the forefront of
   everyone’s mind during this Thanksgiving season!
   Every day allow time for students to cut out another leaf to place on
   the Thanksgiving Tree.  (This is also a great suggestion for those
   fast finishers in your classes!)
   At the end of the Thanksgiving Season, don’t just take it down.  Make
   it into a classroom activity.  Have students take down a handful of
   leaves each and then once they are seated again have each student read
   out the Thanksgiving leaves he/she has in her hand.



Classroom Thanksgiving Turkey!

Use the same ideas as listed in the Thanksgiving Tree suggestion, only make a turkey!  🙂

Students can add new “turkey feathers” each day with words written on the feathers to

express what they are thankful for.

Say “Thank You” in many languages.




Teach your students to say “thank you” in many languages.


Create a list on your board (you will find a few “thank yous”


in other languages below) and assign one word per student (or partner pair).




Have each student (or partner pair) write their assigned word


very large in the middle of a piece of paper (construction pap-


er or colored paper is great!) and have them decorate their new






Display the “thank you” decorations around your classroom,


or better yet, in the hallway outside your classroom for the


entire school to enjoy!


Basima           Sayol                Tai merban    
Assyrian             Azerbaijani                     Balochi (Pakistan)
Hvala vam         Blagodarya       Merci
Bosnian                      Bulgarian               French
Gracias             Dank je            Urako
   Spanish                     Dutch                 Comanche
Pidamaya ye      Mahalo              Arigato
      Dakota                 Hawaiian                   Japanese
These are only some of the ideas shared in La Profesora Frida’s FREE download for Thanksgiving!  Please swing by La Profesora Frida’s TeachersPayTeachers store today and download the entire packet of ideas!
And remember– Positive feedback make my day!  If you enjoy even 1 of these ideas, please take the time to let me know!  🙂
~La Profesora Frida



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