Valentine’s Day FREE Lessons for Spanish Teachers


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Spanish Class Game, Agarra la Rana!

We’ve been playing “Agarra la Rana” to review vocabulary in our Spanish classes! Check out how to play and find the link to a free printable of Frog Points to use with your classes!


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Grin & Grab it Day! 3-22-2015, FREE SPANISH LESSONS today only! :D

Grin and Grab it Day 3-22-2015

Grin-and-GrabThis post is about Grin and Grab it Day 3-22-2015. Several sellers are participating, and we hope you find this to be a good opportunity. If you have read this blog before, you will know Grin and Grab it Day is when we make some usually priced Teachers Pay Teachers products free for the day. We do not all live in the same time zone, so just check and see if the items are free, and”grab” them if they are. Don’t wait! Of course, we so appreciate kind feedback if you like a product. This post will also point out some always free items, just in case you weren’t aware of them.

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Gearing up for Day of the Dead and a FREE banner!

Whether or not you actively celebrate El Dia de los Muertos in your Spanish classes, it’s nice to decorate!  La Profesora Frida has a FREE Day of the Dead banner for you to download in her TpT store!  Pretty Day of the Dead colors and Day of the Dead flowers adorn this lovely banner.  Download it now for free!
What kinds of Day of the Dead activities do you use in your classroom?
I usually get a student (or two, or three…) who ask if they can make “Day of the Dead Bread” and bring it to share with the class.  Who am I to turn down homemade “Pan de Muerto??”  (Find a recipe for Pan de Muerto here.)
Sugar Skulls!  Calaveras are SO beautiful and such a BIG part of El Dia de los Muertos.  I just found a lovely short film about Sugar Skulls on YouTube.  Such a poignant little film that brings the “why” of sugar skulls to life.  This would be a beautiful film to show your students to help them understand this cultural icon. 
–Up for making some Sugar Skulls with your students?  I just found this Sugar Skull Mold sheet for sale at Crizmac.  Make sure to try making a Sugar Skull at home first so you can help your students with theirs!
–Not up for the mess of making Calaveras with your students?  Download some free Sugar Skull coloring pages for a mess free way of decorating. 
Ofrendas.  I started offering Ofrenda creation as an extra credit activity for my Spanish students because I actually had one mother call in to complain about the religious significance behind it, even though I explained that we were studying the culture not the religion, she didn’t want her daughter to participate in the activity.  Which is ok.  Which is why I started to offer it as an outside of class, totally up to you, extra credit option.
–And boy oh boy have I gotten some neat submissions!  🙂  One year a student made an Ofrenda for his favorite musical artist who had passed away.  He had a hidden compartment where he could hook up his iPod and speakers that played the music of the artist!  Neat!
How about you??  What kinds of activities do you offer in your classes to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos with your students?
If you download my FREE Day of the Dead banner, please remember: Positive feedback makes my day!  🙂  If you enjoy this banner, please take the time to leave a nice rating/comment.
~La Profesora Frida

FREE lesson for Spanish classes! But also great for Culture, Social Studies, History (and other Foreign Languages!)!

Let’s dispel the myth of the “ignorant American” by allowing an opportunity for our students to study current events in other countries ON A REGULAR BASIS!  Not just for a day or even just a week, but dare I say for an entire semester??  Or, GASP, an entire school YEAR??

Current Event Articles are a fantastic way for students to take charge of their own education, learn to use multiple resources, and to research a place in the world that they find interesting.

Depending on your classroom needs, this could be a weekly, monthly, semester or year long project for any class!  This activity is perfectly suited for a government class, world history, social studies or foreign language classes. But I can see this research being done in so many different classes. It would be a wonderful activity for a speech/public speaking class too.

I wrote this document for use in my Spanish classes, but as you can see, it can easily be changed for any foreign language classroom, social studies, or government class. And being the creative teacher that YOU are, I’m sure you can think of many more applications!

My students are having a blast this semester with this activity. They know that every Thursday their Current Event Article is due, and they get to share the articles they found for the week with their classmates.

I also offer a few points of extra credit for students who share their articles in front of the class– You wouldn’t believe how many students clamber to share their articles! And they find the most interesting news!!  (Have you heard about the lady in Spain who `bought´ the SUN and wants to CHARGE every inhabitant of Earth for using it??  Can´t make this stuff up!  Check it out!)

My students are not only keeping themselves and their classmates up to date on world news, they’re helping to keep ME informed as well!

This is a FREE lesson you can download in my TeachersPayTeachers store!  I really hope that you will also find it useful.  Positive feedback MAKES MY DAY ~~ If you have a wonderful experience or anecdote about using this product in your class, please share it here!!

Thank you!
~~La Profesora Frida


Carnaval de los Animales – Fabulous Freebie!

Carnaval is in full swing around the world!  Scroll down for the FREE SPANISH VERSION of this 33 page FREEBIE!  😀

book coverCarnival of the Animals

Free 33 page printable
Wise Owl Factory and Strings, Keys, and Melodies have teamed up again to bring you printables to supplement music appreciation for young learners using the CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS.  We really appreciate Teacher’s Clip Art for providing some custom art work to make this possible, and are excited to share this today.
The Carnival of the Animals (1886) is a humorous musical suite of fourteen movements by the French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns, and is about 25 minutes long.  The first performance of this work was in 1922.  We have included poster/signs for all 14 pieces, and a coloring page for each one for the children.
photo of pages in printableThis is a YouTube video of the AQUARIUM movement appropriate for children to see and perhaps paint or color their own aquarium pictures while listening.  It was easy to find many YouTube videos, and even the entire suite.  The music was lovely in many of the videos.
We hope your students and/or children enjoy participating actively as Tonya has suggested on the teacher pages.  She used rhythm sticks and dancing ribbons to keep the children engaged, and this is explained in the teacher pages of our printable.  I remember music appreciation class and having to sit still, so I’m sure children will enjoy active listening. We hope you enjoy this PDF!
Thank you for reading, Carolyn and Tonya
cover photo
I have NOT read this book, Carnaval de animals in Spanish,  so I’m not recommending this particular one, but hopefully you can find a Spanish version because La Profesora Frida kindly translated the CARNIVAL OF ANIMALS into Spanish for those of you would like this for your classes or music classes.  pdf-free-carnival-of-the-animals-Spanish-Version
Here is the English version posted earlier on this blog. 
info photo for pages in the lesson
If you are a Spanish teacher, La Profesora Frida has a wealth of materials both free and priced to check out.
Thanks for reading, Carolyn