Mindfulness Week 1 Check In

Hello all!

My first week of Mindfulness was…. not what I expected.

I have no doubts that Mindfulness is for me.  And no doubts that it does work and can work.  I went into this expecting it to be amazing and wonderful!  What threw me for a loop was that….  The first meditation we were supposed to do every day for 45 minutes was SO boring!  haha  NOT what I expected.

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Welcome to my World!

Hello, Hola, Hallo!!

Hello! I’m an American teacher.
wait, let me start over.

Hola! I’m an American Spanish teacher!
hang on…

Hallo! I’m an American Spanish teacher living in Holland!

What the heck?? Yup.
I taught in a “regular” classroom for 7 years. And I took courses to learn to be an online teacher, and I taught online Spanish classes in my “spare time” (what spare time?) for 2 years. And then….

Well, let’s go back a few years.
When I was in my 2nd year of college, one of my Spanish profs gave a lecture about El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. This is a holy pilgrimage across the entire width of Spain (800kms, 500miles) that can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 7 weeks (depending on how fast you can walk, or want to walk).

My prof had a PowerPoint presentation to go along with his talk, and I was in awe.
Complete and utter “THIS is what I SHOULD be doing with my LIFE” kind of awe.
It called to me.
I knew I needed to do it.
And I thought about it. A lot. And I talked about doing it. A lot.
And the years went by.

And finally, a girlfriend of mine said, “DO IT! Stop talking about it, pick a date and DO IT!”
And so I did.

I started in St. Jean Pied du Port in France, at the foothills of the Pyrenees.
I crossed mountains, forests, valleys, fields, deserts, rocks, rivers….
Personal mental battles mostly.
And in 5 weeks I arrived in Santiago a smelly, dirty, sore, bruised, exhausted and extremely happy pilgrim.

Did I mention I accidentally fell in love along the way?
The 2nd most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my life. 😉

He’s a tall, dark & handsome Spaniard to boot! Lucky duck, I know!
This tall, dark & handsome Spaniard (who speaks 6 languages and is an amazing cook! Like I said, lucky duck!) just happens to live in Holland!

What’s a girl to do??
MOVE TO HOLLAND of course! 🙂

So. Here I am. Teaching Spanish online while I adjust to a totally different culture and learn another language (yippeeeee! I<3 languages, I’m a total linguistic geek!)!

So that’s me!
What about YOU??

(p.s. I don’t want to fail to mention that El Camino de Santiago de Compostela can take much more time than I took. I met a couple who walked out their front doors in Holland and just kept walking. They had already been walking for 2 months when I met them and they still had a month to go! I also met a man who started at the Vatican, had already made it to Santiago and was walking BACK to the Vatican. Hmm…. Someday? Time will tell!)