Spanish Extra Credit in the Real World, guest post

Real World Homework

Guest Blogger: Srta Elizabeth

I wonder if there’s a way to adapt this new Pokemon Go game for the classroom? It’d be a great way to practice directional vocabulary. While playing Jenga with family, It’d be cool if I wrote questions in Spanish on the blocks and students answer them as they pull them out. Student interaction is always higher when they are having fun. My friends call it “teacher brain”. They are always telling me: “You haven’t even finished student teaching yet and you are always thinking about your classroom and students.” What can I say? Great teachers minds are always thinking of creative ways to introduce students to the curriculum or get them excited about learning. It’s our job!

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8 Organizational Tips to Maximize Your Class Periods

8 organization tips to maximize your class periods

8 Organizational Tips to Maximize Your Class Periods

Guest blog post by Julie from Mundo de Pepita!

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10 Time Management Tips for Teachers

Ten Time Management Tips for Teachers

GueTop 10 Tips for Time Management for Teachersst blog post by Holly of Spanish Sundries

Learn Ten Time Management Tips for Teachers- I never realized how much time I spent on my teaching job until I didn’t have the time to spend anymore.  In December of 2012 my son was born and after a short maternity leave, I was thrown back into the world of teaching.  My job was the same, but my life was completely different.  I had to learn how to better manage my time, and I had to do it fast.

We may not all have kids, but we all have people in our lives that we want to spend time with, personal interests that we want to attend to, and places we want to see.  The more effectively we can get all that other stuff done, the more time we can save to add to our personal time bank accounts.  So, here are 10 things that I learned during my crash course in teacher time management:

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier, Teacher School Supplies, Frixion Erasable Pen

Like most teachers, I love SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Some teachers cry “Nooooo!” when they see the Back To School banners popping up in stores months before school will start up again, but you’ll catch me lingering in the school supplies aisles coveting markers, post it notes, pens, notebooks, clips, glue, glitter, paint…. Ahhh! Zen! Lol

Organization is also something I love, and this year I made the decision to buy an Erin Condren Life Planner to help me keep my sanity! Learn how I did it without breaking the bank!

After purchasing my EC Life Planner, I discovered a huge EC following on the internet! You can get lost in the variety of YouTube EC “unveilings” and “Plan With Me” videos available – and learn handy tips for how to customize your planners (not JUST EC Planners, but ANY planner!).

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