Carnaval de los Animales – Fabulous Freebie!

Carnaval is in full swing around the world!  Scroll down for the FREE SPANISH VERSION of this 33 page FREEBIE!  😀

book coverCarnival of the Animals

Free 33 page printable
Wise Owl Factory and Strings, Keys, and Melodies have teamed up again to bring you printables to supplement music appreciation for young learners using the CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS.  We really appreciate Teacher’s Clip Art for providing some custom art work to make this possible, and are excited to share this today.
The Carnival of the Animals (1886) is a humorous musical suite of fourteen movements by the French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns, and is about 25 minutes long.  The first performance of this work was in 1922.  We have included poster/signs for all 14 pieces, and a coloring page for each one for the children.
photo of pages in printableThis is a YouTube video of the AQUARIUM movement appropriate for children to see and perhaps paint or color their own aquarium pictures while listening.  It was easy to find many YouTube videos, and even the entire suite.  The music was lovely in many of the videos.
We hope your students and/or children enjoy participating actively as Tonya has suggested on the teacher pages.  She used rhythm sticks and dancing ribbons to keep the children engaged, and this is explained in the teacher pages of our printable.  I remember music appreciation class and having to sit still, so I’m sure children will enjoy active listening. We hope you enjoy this PDF!
Thank you for reading, Carolyn and Tonya
cover photo
I have NOT read this book, Carnaval de animals in Spanish,  so I’m not recommending this particular one, but hopefully you can find a Spanish version because La Profesora Frida kindly translated the CARNIVAL OF ANIMALS into Spanish for those of you would like this for your classes or music classes.  pdf-free-carnival-of-the-animals-Spanish-Version
Here is the English version posted earlier on this blog. 
info photo for pages in the lesson
If you are a Spanish teacher, La Profesora Frida has a wealth of materials both free and priced to check out.
Thanks for reading, Carolyn

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