Spanish class Fast Finishers, Bulletin Board SET for your quick workers!

What to do, what to do with those fast finishers in your Spanish class?!

Consider making a Fast Finishers bulletin board with these cards of activities that your students can do while they wait patiently for others to finish!

A point system within this packet is used to reflect the difficulty level of each task. 

Elementary students (bless their little hearts!) do “fast finisher” tasks out of pure intrinsic motivation, but midde schoolers / high schoolers often need some extrinsic reward. Thus the point system.

 There is a tally sheet for you to copy and give to your students for them to keep track of which tasks they have completed and how many points they have earned. I recommend giving awards on a tiered level by points completed. (Stickers, candy, etc.)

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Thanks so much!
~La Profesora Frida

Spanish Class WINTER themed lesson plans! Printables for

Not your typical Winter Packet Celebramos El Invierno! is a compilation of printables for you to use with your students to help them learn new vocabulary, new verbs and new phrases to express themselves about the topic of Winter (not a specific “Christmasy” theme, although some holiday vocabulary is included).

 The vocabulary used in the following activities is common vocabulary found in most Spanish textbooks along with supplementary vocabulary to help your students express themselves more fully.

Sometimes when we take time away from our already in place curriculum to teach “the fun stuff” (for example, holidays), we can worry that we aren’t providing a rigorous learning experience for our students. This packet of activities should reassure you that the opposite can be true! activities in this packet not only teach (and supplement!) vocabulary, they offer communicative work, sentence structure and reading comprehension practice, verb conjugation work and even poetry and art!

Each activity can be used individually, or consider setting up stations. Need to be away from your classroom? I’m sure your substitute would be thankful for this packet of activities to implement in your absence.

Check out the activities included in this packet:¡Vocabulario Útil del Invierno!  –Useful vocabulary to talk about winter.
Winter Vocabulary Handout
Word Search of vocabulary words
       + sentence structure practice
Cloze paragraph with picture clues
       + teacher key
Snowman Glyph
Vocabulary Matching worksheet (or quiz)(+teacher key)

¡Verbos Útiles del Invierno! –Useful verbs to talk about cozy, winter days.

Winter Verbs Handout
Word Search of these verbs
       + conjugation and sentence structure practice
Conjugation practice with winter verbs (and teacher keys) 
Vocabulary Matching Quiz (or worksheet if you like)
       + teacher key
Cloze verb conjugation worksheet (or quiz, if you like)
       + teacher key
Winter vacation writing prompt
        extension: Cartoon art element
Frosty the Snow Man’s winter vacation writing prompt
        extension: Cartoon art element)
Winter Poetry Project with Rubric
Winter Comecocos (Cootie Catcher, Fortune Teller)

There’s SO MUCH included in this packet!!  Here’s what one teacher had to say about this packet:
“Wow! This was a very creative packet! I can’t wait to use it this winter. My favorite was Frosty the Snow Man’s winter vacation writing prompt with drawing element. This seller always does outstanding work! ”  Awwwww!  *blush*
And another teacher had this to say:
GREAT unit on Winter that takes into account vocabulary AND grammar (practice with verb conjugations). Completely relevant for this time of year–will probably use this with my 5th or 6th graders, since we will be going into present verb conjugations after the holidays!”
If you do purchase it, I would love to hear your thoughts!
~La Profesora Frida