Lesson plan: How to make reviewing Spanish letters and numbers FUN!

How do you make learning and reviewing numbers and letters in your Spanish class FUN?

How do you encourage your students to use the target language to practice their ABCs and 123s?  Please leave a comment below and share your ideas with us!

Here are some ways that I’ve used with my Spanish classes:

1.  Through song!  Even though I work primarily with high school students, they still get into singing the ABC song in Spanish.  🙂  The ABC song that I use in my classes is: “El Alfabeto,” from Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Tacos 2! by Barbara MacArthur.

2.  Asking for phone numbers.  Students can be silly with this one and pretend they’re asking for a date.  🙂  They can pretend they are someone famous and they don’t need to use their real phone numbers.

3.  Math and the Maya.  Teach how the Maya wrote numbers.  Even if you’re not a “math person,” it’s fascinating to learn that the Maya were one of the only ancient civilizations that had the concept of “zero” and place value!  Discovery Education even has a Brain Game using the Mayan math system!  SO cool for fast finishers.  You can find YouTube videos that explain Mayan Math.  One year my students got so into Mayan numbers that they always used the Mayan math symbols to keep score of games we played in class!

4.  Connect The Dots!  Using not only NUMBERS but ABCs too, these partner Connect The Dots activities are super fun!

This is a Communicative, Partner Activity— Students pair up and practice listening and speaking skills while one guides another through a dot-to-dot activity! ( GREAT for foreign language classes, but also awesome for younger students learning their ABCs and numbers! )

The letters and numbers are in a specific order, but NOT in numeric or alphabetic order. Students need to pay attention and listen to their partner to connect the dots in the correct order! The order is given at the bottom of each page.

10 separate dot-to-dot activities are included in this packet and each set of instructions guides your students to create a different animal.

Make sure you have enough time to give each student a chance to be the one giving directions and the one listening and connecting the dots.  I would also suggest printing off 2 and sticking them right into your emergency substitute folder!  ABCs and 123s are ALWAYS a good thing to practice, no matter what time of year.

If you check these out, please let me know what you think!  Positive feedback makes my day!  🙂


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Another fine example of a Spanish Class Fast Finisher Bulletin Board!

Receiving positive feedback about the lessons I create makes my whole day!  A big GRACIAS to teacher Jessica who recently sent me a PHOTO of her Autumn Fast Finishers Bulletin Board! (And gave me permission to use it here.)
She has a cute theme of “Hoo hooo, What to do?” 🙂  A great way to incorporate Fast Finisher activities into her classroom!

Want to see more photos of how this bulletin board packet has been set up in other classrooms??  Follow this link:  Spanish Class Fast Finishers, Autumn Style!

Not sure how a Fast Finishers Bulletin Board works??
Here’s one way to do it.

  • After downloading a Fast Finishers set (or creating your own!!) and reading through the materials,
    decide which cards you would like to display first.
    You can laminate the fast finishers cards and punch a hole and slip a key ring through the hole to make for easy hanging if you like.
  • Have an envelope (or a baggie) tacked onto the bulletin board with the “Ya termine” cards for students to use whenever they finish a task.  Students write the important information for you on these cards, so you don’t have to go fishing for information!
  • Put a stack of the tracking sheets near the bulletin board or tacked onto the board in an envelope or folder (because not every student will participate, you don’t need to pass one out to each child).
  • Have an inbox tray (or a folder) for each class period tacked onto your Fast Finishers bulletin board.
  • Ask students to paper clip the “Ya Termine” card to their tracking sheet & anything that might need to be handed in with it all together.
  • Ask students to submit finished items in the envelope/folder with their class period on it.

Then, once a week (or if you have a quick minute before or after school) you can check to see if any students submitted anything for you to check off. This shouldn’t take YOU a lot of time.

The point is to keep your students learning with Spanish-related tasks while you work on other important tasks.  Let them know that you plan to check things off only once a week, thus saving you from kids hounding you to check off their activities.

Remember, you don’t need to “grade” anything. You can quickly mark their papers they hand in if necessary, just so they know if they’ve made a mistake. You can decide how long you want it to run. I’d suggest September & October. Then at the end, you can decide what kind of “prizes” to give out. Like for every 5 points earned, a fun sticker, or 10 points = a homework pass, or something like that.

~ Enjoy!

Spanish Class Fast Finishers, Autumn Style!

“I’m done.  Now what??”
Don’t you wish you could just point to your pretty bulletin board when you hear this question?
Spanish teacher, Laurie in New York’s awesome layout (above) with Autumn Fast Finishers for Spanish Packet!
Below is another layout creative layout:
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It’s normal for to have a mix of when students finish their assigned work in our foreign language classes.  While we are offering help to students who are having trouble contemplating a subject, there are often those students who understand the content and finish earlier than the rest of the class.  Which is when we hear, “I’m done.  Now what??”

One useful way to keep Fast Finishers academically focused (whether they realize it or not!) is to apply a Fast Finishers program to your classes.

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I have an Autumn Fast Finishers bulletin board in my classroom  and the idea is to have a number of activities available for students to work on when they’re done with their regular work.

There are a variety of activities; writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, partner work, artistic activities, over 20 to choose from.  The students have a tracking sheet and know that they aren’t to bother you while you’re helping other students!  (There are several posters included in this packet so students know to only ask you to check their Fast Finishers work if they KNOW you’re not busy!)

Check out this interactive, creative Spanish packet at my TeachersPayTeachers store!  Let me know what you think!  I find it incredibly useful, and I hope that you can apply this teaching concept to your Spanish classes as well.

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