The last thing on your mind right about now…

The last thing on your mind right now might be lesson planning for next year….BUT

Don’t let the SUMMER SLIDE happen!  🙂  

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Do not delay happiness

Each day different inspirational quotes are sent to my email from various sources and when one particularly strikes my interest, I like to share those words.

Today’s quote was a great reminder…

The affairs of the world will go on forever. 
Do not delay the practice of meditation. 
~ Milarep

Feel free to change the word “meditation” if another positive word inspires you more; prayer, peace, happiness….

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There are several websites out there that offer this service.  Here are a few that I’m familiar with:

Desk-Top Quotes
The Meditations Society of Australia
Tiny Buddha
Famous Quotes and Quotations
Inspire the Planet

Do you subscribe to any similar daily inspirational services?  Share them here for all of us to learn about!

~La Profesora Frida